Born 4 August 1948 at Schinnen

At 9 years old, member of local Brassband St.Caecilia at Schinnen.

Studied at the music school at Geleen and at the Conservatoire in Maastricht.

During his studies at the Conservatoire Piet played in the orchestra "The EP Band", a well-known dance band, accompanying many international artists and, as a speciality, playing at large end-of-years balls at dance schools throughout the Netherlands. As a result of this the EP Band accompanied the Dutch dancing championships for several years. The records company "Killroy" brought out their well known long playing record "Dance Inspiration".

During this period with the EP Band Piet Knarren, already playing solo, won in total 28 talent contests and cabarets for young unknown artists.

Among these, in 1967 and 1968, he did the national final of the radio program KRO Springboard at Hilversum, this resulted in radio and television appearances in the Netherlands and Belgium and, with the EP Band, several years as Resident Orchestra for the Belgian Television in its popular weekly program of Jos Ghysen.

As appreciation for his trumpet playing he got the Golden Trumpet in 1973 from the music factory "Schenkelaars" in Eindhoven.

Piet was in great demand as a studio trumpet player and made his first singles and long playing records and, with the EP Band, he did many appearances for the American Forces at Afcent Headquarters in Brunssum. who were charmed with his presentation of Al Hirt's and the famous Herb Alpert's numbers at that time.

When the EP Band disbanded, in 1974, Piet himself decided to concentrate entirely on a career as a solo trumpet player - and with great success!.

Since that day he has made countless appearances in Germany, making back-to-back theatre throughout all german-speaking countries with artists such as Tony Marshall, Roy Black, Rex Gildo, Gitti and Erika, Maria and Margot Hellwig.

The great German composers Christian Bruhn and Ralph Siegel wrote numbers for him and their names are on Piet's long playing records.

He has appeared on all the great TV shows: Der Grosse Preis, Hallo Heino, Kein schöner Land, Musikanten Stadle, Grand Prix der Volksmusik, Tony Marshall Show, Steiners Hitparade, Volkstümliche Hitparade, and many more.

He had a hit in the United Kingdom in 1983 and stayed in the English charts for 14 weeks with the number "Midnight Blue" based on the Adagio Cantabile from Beethoven's Sonata Pathetique.

Meanwhile, through his own style of making music, Piet has got the nickname "Gentleman of Trumpet".